Resume+Artist Statement

Peg Kennedy……location…Los Angeles, CA


Fall 2007- present, Customer Specialist, REI.

……• Assists and greets customers in the Camping/Pack Department

……• Recognized as a specialist in Department

Fall 2007- Spring 2007, Assistant, Offensive and Delightful Greeting Cards.
……• Organized production line

……• Assisted in deliveries and shipments

……• Arranged equipment and supplies for artist

Summer 2006, Internship, Gorgeous PR.
……• Worn Free Myspace design layout

……• Assisted in secretarial duties and deliveries

……• Created data entries and organized computer documents

Summer 2004, Assistant, Telic Company.
……• Performed secretarial and general assistant duties

……• Managed Shipping and Receiving

Summer 2003 Internship , Hershey’s Associates.
……• Assisted in secretarial duties

……• Arranged data input and delivery services

Fall 2003-2007, California Institute of The Arts. Valencia, CA.
……• Received B.F.A. in Graphic and Fine Art

……• Developed graphic art skills while working with professional designers

……• Worked closely with mentor on concept and technique

……• Showed both graphic art and painting for multiple CalArts shows


2010, LA Mix, Gallery Godo, Glendale, CA

2009, 100 under 100, Catalyst Artist Collective, Los Angeles, CA

2007, CalArts Thesis Show, Think Bad Thoughts. Valencia, CA

2006, 1st Year Show, CalArts. Valencia, CA

2006, Queer Art Collective Show, CalArts. Valencia, CA

2003, Foundation Class Show, CalArts. Valencia, CA


Mac and PC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Excel/Word/Powerpoint, Final Cut Pro


I make art because it inspires me. I think of it as a expression, an outpouring of emotions. I learn from it, its’ history and hope; all the good and all the the bad that makes up our world. I want to be a apart of that and I feel good when I do. I’ve always made something, although hadn’t taken it seriously until high school. I really enjoy what people see in my work; the shapes and colors that people presume or make believe. When people see my work, i’d like them to use their imagination. I’d like them to make believe; have fun with it and appreciate it. I’d like the viewer to rediscover and appreciate the importance of make believe and their imagination.

I think painting is one of the most traditional techniques for visual art. I enjoy the history of painting and participating in it. I use bright, bold colors contrasted with darks. I paint big to emphasize the varying strokes and shapes that flow to reflect nature and environment. I paint trees, cities, birds and drops of water. My favorite paint is house paint that has been mixed incorrectly. I like the idea of using colors that someone didn’t want and having people appeal to them in my work.

My current work is abstract expressions of the world as I see it. I’ve been using super bright colors and larger canvas to really let myself go. Nature, in every sense of the word, has a huge role in my work. There is absolutely no way I could possibly replicate what I see in nature, nor do I want to. I rather feel I am simply regurgitating or repeating it in a way to share with the viewer. I hope to remind the viewer of our nature, and keep art a safe place for the imagination and make believe.


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